Goa Beaches

Fringed by Coastal Trees and Lapped by Waters of the Arabian Sea!

Your Personal Online Guide For Goa Holidays

The finest beaches on the subcontinent, a climate which is at its best when the European winter is at its worst and span of accommodation which ranges from the cheapest of guesthouses to the most luxurious of resort hotels, have made this Goa state on the Arabian Sea one of the world’s fastest-growing tropical tourist destinations, attracting many holiday-makers every year.

I'm lucky enough to be able to spend much of the year enjoying these gorgeous, pristine beaches. I also get to experience all the best villas, resorts, hotels, restaurants, tours and trips.

I will introduce you to the best of everything here in Goa, India.

So join me... I will be your personal "Online Guide", so when you do finally get here (I know, you want to and you are eager to), you'll know which holiday villa to rent or hotel to stay in, which place to visit, where to attend night parties, and enjoy restaurants that most visitors don't even know about.

My website is a collection of videos, photos, maps and information on life and travel in Goa.

Goa beaches are amongst some of the most stunning in the world.

I visited almost all popular beaches during my holidays. I photographed every one of those pristine beaches... I fell in love with them...

And I don’t just mean that I saw all beaches.

I walked, swam, and lazed on these beautiful beaches.

When you come here to spend your vacation, you too will fall in love with them…

Before my first visit, I thought this state is popular only for its beautiful beaches….. nope… I was wrong…. but there is more to Goa than merely sand and surf... the complete "Natural and Man-made Package" make this place a “Tourist Paradise” !

View of Vagator Beach, Goa
I couldn't stop myself for a beautiful picture of Vagator beach...

I will share my own experience with you, along with videos and pictures which I took on my holidays.

What exactly makes Goa so popular?

  • Pleasant weather
  • Stunning Beaches
  • Nightlife Parties
  • Historical Forts
  • Beautiful Churches
  • Colorful Temples
  • Wildlife and Spice Plantations
  • Rivers and Waterfalls
  • History and Culture
  • Festivals & shopping
  • Ayurveda Experience
  • and Fun-loving People

Goa Map, Map of Goa
Goa Map

Where is Goa

Goa lies on the west coast of India, looking out onto the Arabian Sea, just under 600km (372 miles) south of Mumbai and bordered by the states of Maharashtra in the north and Karnataka to the south and east. Smallest state of India in terms of area.

When to go

The best time to visit is during the cooler months, from November to March. If you arrive in October, right at the start of the tourist season, you’ll find the beaches pleasantly empty, but may also find that some of the facilities (such as beach shacks) aren’t yet open for business.

How to go

You can reach here in many ways. You can either board a flight to reach the state or go by rail, road or by sea.

Where to Stay

Accommodation is not a problem. The sheer range of accommodation here is impressive. You will find hotels, luxury resorts, timeshares, magnificent ancient villas, guesthouses, bamboo huts and tree houses.

Sunset on Ozran Beach Goa
Sunset on Ozran beach, Goa India

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